Since 2013, CONSOLUT has been selling hydraulic hammers of vibro-loaders, hydraulic stations and spare parts for them, as well as provides rental, maintenance services for hydraulic hammers, vibro-hoists and spare parts for them.

CONSOLUT specializes in the design, development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of hydraulic and electrical equipment for various industries, leading manufacturers in the industry.

The CONSOLUT possesses extensive experience, its own knowledge and technologies in this specific field of hydraulics, especially in the field of hydraulic vibration absorbers and hydraulic stations.

Thanks to the engineering teams of our consultants and manufacturers, CONSOLUT can fulfill any technical requirement and work closely with the customer on the final properties of the product. The CONSOLUT has all these divisions, from design and construction, to assembly and testing, to delivery and commissioning, as well as after-sales service around the world, to advise and support our partners on all continents.

You will find our products all over the world, from Russia to Brazil, from Scandinavia to Australia. This track record confirms the very high quality of our products.